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Instagram’s new ‘nighttime nudges’ aim to reduce passionate teens’ time on the app: 2024 update

As part of its continuous efforts to encourage positive social media behaviours and improve privacy and safety for its younger users, Meta is rolling out a number of new features on Facebook and Instagram specifically for teenagers.For its younger audience on Instagram and Facebook, Meta has been developing new privacy and safety features. Teens can now manage the content and search terms they see on the platform thanks to features that the company has already launched. Meta has now added new features, like Parental Supervision, Nighttime Nudge, and more, to further its efforts.

Teens will begin to see an alert that reads, “It’s getting late,” followed by the words, “Time for a break?” Think about shutting down Instagram for the evening. In an email, the social network informed TechCrunch that the nudges will take effect after 10 p.m. Teens cannot choose whether to see the nighttime nudges because they will always be displayed and cannot be turned off. Teens can, of course, choose to ignore the nudge and carry on utilising the app.

Along with other features, Instagram has added new nighttime nudges to cut down on the amount of time teenagers spend using the app. The app already includes two features that encourage teens to take regular breaks from Instagram: “Take a Break” that displays full-screen reminders, and “Quiet Mode” that allows users to mute notifications and let others know they will be unavailable for a certain amount of time.

Nighttime Nudge

Teens are often drawn into hours upon hours of scrolling through social media, especially on sites like Instagram, where Direct Messages and Reels are particularly popular. This is a habit that frequently robs people of essential sleep. In response, Meta is launching “Nighttime Nudges,” a new Instagram function designed to encourage teens to have healthy sleeping habits. The feature will gently remind teenagers to log off for a better night’s sleep if they spend more than ten minutes on Reels or Direct Messages late at night.

Parental supervision tools on Messenger

Meta released new tools for Parental Supervision last year. Without disclosing the contents of messages, the tools are designed to give parents a better understanding of how their teenagers use the Messenger app. The feature, which includes time tracking, contact updates, and privacy settings adjustments, is designed to protect the privacy of the younger demographic. After a first release in the US, UK, and Canada, the tools are currently being made available on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Horizon Worlds on a global scale.

Features of parental supervision on Messenger

  • Monitor your adolescent’s Messenger activity to learn how much time they spend using it overall and to keep tabs on how much time they spend on it.
  • Keep yourself updated about your teen’s safety online: Get information about your teen’s safety and privacy settings, connections, and modifications.
  • Find out if your teen requires assistance: If your teen reports someone on Messenger, you will be notified so you can provide support and advice.
  • Limit who can get in touch with your teen: Control who has the ability to message your adolescent and change the settings according to the level of supervision you want.
  • Keep an eye on your teen’s internet presence: Check who can access the Messenger stories posted by your teen and change these settings as necessary.

Privacy features for Instagram and Facebook DM

Additionally, Meta is testing new features in Instagram direct messages to shield users—especially teenagers—from unsolicited interactions. Safety alerts for possibly suspicious behaviour and limitations on adults over 19 sending private messages to teenagers who don’t follow them are among the new features. Further features, such as invite-only connections, restricting message request invites to text only, and stopping unwanted media from being sent until the connection is accepted, are also being tested.

Teens’ Tools for Managing Their Time

Meanwhile, Meta is also launching features like “Take a Break” on Instagram in an effort to promote a positive online experience for teenagers. Teens will soon be notified when they have spent twenty minutes on Facebook, which will encourage them to set daily time limits and take breaks. Furthermore,


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