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Solis unveils 2 new fantastic tractors for global markets : At LAMMA 2024

At the current LAMMA Show, Solis Tractors made its tractor series debut. With an emphasis on sustainable farming practices and cutting-edge features, the tractor line captivated the audience. The recently released tractors, which are engineered to satisfy the exacting requirements of international markets, such as those in the US and Europe, promise to revolutionise productivity and efficiency for farming communities everywhere.

Establishing itself in 1996, ITL ranks third in India and fifth worldwide concerning volume sales of tractors. Almost 35,000 tractors were shipped in FY23, making it the leading tractor exporter from India over the previous four years. In FY23 and FY24, respectively, the company’s export market share was 28% and 36%.

ITL uses the Sonalika brand to sell tractors in addition to Solis. With a 300,000 unit yearly production capacity, the company’s manufacturing facility is located in Hoshiarpur in Punjab. A new plant with an annual production capacity of 100,000 units is being set up next to the current one; it is expected to be operational by FY26.

The flagship model in Solis‘ new lineup is the Solis S 75 Shuttle XL, which has a powerful S-Tech 4-cylinder engine and a 12F + 12R gearbox for unmatched precision and manoeuvrability for a range of agricultural applications. The tractor’s 3000 KG lifting capacity and S-Boost hydraulics are designed to increase productivity without causing any problems. The Solis C 48 tractor boasts impressive power and acceleration thanks to its S-Boost Hydraulics, 3-Cylinder Natural Aspirated Engine with a High-End Torque of 146.2 Nm, and cutting-edge S-Command Centre. In addition to optimising overall farming performance, the synchro shift with 12F+12R transmission offers an exciting farming experience.

The current tractor lineup from Solis is also on display, which includes the S90 Shuttle XL, H26, S26+, S50 Shuttle XL, and S26 Shuttle XL (9+9). These tractors demonstrate Solis’ dedication to providing strong equipment at a reasonable cost, along with unparalleled comfort thanks to features like the S-Command Centre. These tractors, which are equipped with high-torque engines that integrate S-Tech technology and a high lifting capacity enabled by the S-Boost Hydraulic system, offer a comprehensive solution for contemporary agricultural problems.

Farmers and industry enthusiasts can examine these developments and see what farming machinery will look like in the future at the LAMMA Show.

Elevated Power and Effectiveness

The commitment to delivering maximum power with the least amount of negative environmental impact is at the core of Solis’ innovation. With low fuel consumption guaranteed, the new tractor series is specifically engineered to deliver high torque. This helps farmers become more productive, but it also encourages fuel efficiency, which is important in today’s environmentally conscious world.

Current Range Exhibited

The current tractor lineup from Solis, which includes the S90 Shuttle XL, H26, S26+, S50 Shuttle XL, and S26 Shuttle XL (9+9), is also on display in addition to the new models. These tractors highlight the company’s dedication to providing strong equipment at a reasonable cost. The S-Command Centre guarantees an intuitive and simple-to-use interface with a focus on user comfort, and the S-Boost Hydraulic system offers a high lifting capacity.

A dedication to Comfort and Affordability

Solis Tractors is aware of how critical it is to provide a broad spectrum of farmers with access to cutting edge agricultural technology. The featured tractors are affordable as well as equipped with state-of-the-art features, guaranteeing that more farmers will be able to take advantage of the most recent advancements in the industry.

Towards an Eco-Friendly Future

As Solis Tractors makes a significant stride towards a sustainable agricultural future, its new tractor line is evidence of the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship. With the goal of equipping farmers with strong, effective, and environmentally friendly equipment, Solis hopes to have a significant impact on how farming is shaped globally in the future. The introduction of these tractors at LAMMA signifies a critical turning point in the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming environment.


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