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Ultimate worthy Jio AirFiber user review: 5 points for installation, actual speed, cost, and other details

Even though fibre connections are widely available throughout India, major telecom companies like Jio and Airtel still have difficulty extending wired coverage to every corner and colony. This is in spite of the fact that getting high-speed internet connectivity in major cities and towns is not a major challenge. These businesses have introduced AirFiber connections, a wireless substitute, to close this gap and provide high-speed internet in places without fibre.

Jio and Airtel’s AirFiber services are offered in places where telecom companies encounter obstacles, either because of expenses or difficulties in establishing wired connections with the local community. Jio and Airtel are having difficulty installing fibre connection wires in certain areas, including the area where my apartment is located. Nonetheless, Jio introduced its AirFiber connection in our region last month. I also made the decision to sign up for the new Jio AirFiber connection because I’ve been having trouble maintaining a reliable internet connection.

Booking a new Jio AirFiber connection

The Jio AirFiber connection booking process was not too complicated. I started by using the My Jio app to see if the Jio AirFiber connection was available. As soon as it was, I made a request for a new connection. The Jio team promptly followed up, verified the address, and scheduled the installation following the initial request. Notably, because the AirFiber service is still relatively new, Jio only offers two plan options at this time: six months and twelve months. Both require an upfront payment. Users also have to pay an installation fee of Rs 1,000 for the 6-month plans.

Jio AirFiber installation process

Jio AirFiber technicians did show up on schedule once the new connection was confirmed. But there was a first hitch in the installation process as the technician asked me to cancel the original appointment due to technical difficulties. This necessitated making a new reservation and cancelling the original one. But in spite of this setback, the Jio team eventually showed up with the tools needed for the last installation after a two to three day wait. Configuring the AirFiber router, receiver, and set-top box for a smart TV was part of the installation setup. In addition, the installation required positioning a receiver on the roof, aligning it with neighbouring network towers, and wiring it to an internal multipurpose router.

Jio AirFiber Speed and Connectivity

The Jio Team initiated my connection after configuring the router and receiver. I chose the 100Mbps speed plan, and at first, my real speed was faster than I had anticipated. In the preliminary trials, the Jio AirFiber was able to download data at approximately 130 Mbps and upload data at 30–40 Mbps. To my surprise, though, the speed hasn’t changed in the three weeks that I’ve been using it. My speeds are generally between 90 and 130 Mbps, with some slight variations after midnight. It’s crucial to remember that Jio AirFiber, which offers up to 1000GB of high-speed bandwidth, has a fair use data requirement. This limit would cause the speed to drop to 64 kbps.

Who should consider Jio AirFiber

My own experience has shown that the Jio AirFiber connection regularly delivers the speed and connectivity that are advertised. Based on my three-week experience, I recommend Jio AirFiber as a great choice for people living in places without high-speed wired connections. Jio AirFiber’s non-wired connection has many benefits, even though wired connections—especially fiber-optic ones—offer more control over network configuration and lower latency.

Customer support experience

Although my overall Jio AirFiber experience was good, I had some reservations about the customer service. As I previously stated, technical difficulties forced me to cancel my first AirFiber reservation, and I quickly requested a refund. My refund request was delayed, though, and I had to wait days before I heard back from the Jio customer service representatives, who then handled my reimbursement. I believe Jio has to do better when it comes to responding to customer service inquiries, or perhaps I was just unlucky.


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