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Boat Immortal Katana Blade earbuds: The fascinating cool-looking earbuds at Rs 2,299

When it comes to audio gear, Boat has made a solid reputation for itself over time. The company offers a wide range of products, including TWS earbuds, neckbands, and headphones. Additionally, its most recent offering, the Immortal Katana Blade earbuds, are as opulent as TWS earbuds get for less than Rs 4,000.I’ve been using these earbuds for about a month, and so far, everything has gone well. As soon as I laid eyes on the earbuds’ design after receiving the review unit, I knew I was going to be in for a treat.

Boat Immortal Katana Blade: Design and build

The most striking feature of these earbuds is their design. You will immediately believe that this is a high-end accessory that belongs in the future after seeing them. There is a black option in addition to the grey review unit I currently have.Speaking of the grey version, at first glance it appears robust, fashionable, and futuristic. The word “Katana Blade” is written in a dark grey colour on the front, and an arrow showing how to open the metal slider is also present. Making this decision to prevent confusion about where to open the slider seems like a wise move.

Regarding the metal slider, it sounds like a “schwing” when you slide it open, giving the appearance of a metal scabbard for a sword. Not only that, but there’s also a second swoosh sound and a lock sound when you close the slider. This, along with the RGB lighting around the earbuds’ edges, gives the earbuds’ design a dramatic flair that draws a lot of attention.The earbuds, comfortably nestled within the case’s cavities, are the main attraction as soon as you open the metal slider. The earbuds are grey in colour, just like the case, and feature the iconic Boat logo.

Boat Immortal Katana Blade: Fit and battery

The earbuds fit most people well and were fairly simple to use over the course of a month of use. It is not possible to actually put these on-ear earbuds inside of your ear; instead, they sit on top of it. However, this could work well for those who are at ease with the on-ear style.

Speaking of the battery, these earbuds have an excellent lifespan that should easily last you a few days. By the end of the week, all I had to do was charge the case after about five hours of listening each day. While lighter listeners will benefit from even longer stretches, heavier users may require a top-up every four days. And the final flourish? You can run on a 10-minute charge for up to two hours.The battery indicator only has one oddity: it jumps by ten each time. Therefore, without ever seeing 93, 97, or 84 percent, you could go from 100 percent to 90 percent in an hour, then directly to 80 percent.

Boat Immortal Katana Blade: Music and gaming experience

The 13mm drivers that come with the earbuds have good bass. Whether it was a slow song for a wedding or something more upbeat, every track sounded pretty good and crystal clear. But I would have preferred a slightly louder volume. Even though the volume on the earbuds I was using with my iPhone 13 Pro was sufficient, I wasn’t moved to get out of my seat and start dancing.Having said that An excellent gaming experience.

Should I buy a Boat Immortal Katana Blade?
Originally priced at Rs 3,999, the earbuds are currently available for Rs 2,299, a 42 percent discount.They perform admirably considering the price, and they’re ideal if you want to spend hours playing games and listening to music. Without a doubt, the futuristic design of these earbuds is their best feature. The only drawback could be that if you’re not used to wearing on-ear earbuds, they may fall out of your ears more frequently.


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